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Fan Works Master List

Fan Works Master List

Author's Note: This list consists of RPF (Real People Fiction), normal fan fiction, and fan art for both. If you do not like what I write or draw, don't comment about it. You can just press BACKSPACE and move on with your life.

Note: Several links will take you to AO3. If you are looking for the fics on this journal I recommend using the #fan fiction tag. If you are looking for fan art on this journal I recommend using the #fan art tag. FYI, some stories are not available on LJ and can only be found through AO3.


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Please excuse. This is an old post but it helps remind me what the fuck I was working on back then.

  • finish that Tron/Princess Bride fusion!
  • find a goddamn beta for post the Dean/Cas S1 AU
  • finish editing/posting the Dean/Cas S1 AU
  • a TRON/Avengers barista AU - THIS MAKES SENSE I SWEAR --> Kevin Flynn owns a coffee shop/arcade, Sam goes to CalTech and works part time at the shop, and Tron is a SHIELD agent done and even has a sequel where Tony Stark and SHIELD Agent Tron Bradley seek out Sam Witwicky and the Autobots
  • finish "Howl"
  • write Season of Poison
  • finish the NuTrek horse racing AU
  • steadfastly avoid writing actual canon NuTrek fic I SWEAR TO GOD DON'T DO IT

January 1st, 2017

That's it, that's the post.

Also, this will be my third year fooling around with the Dragon Age, at least going by my posts about the Inquisicanonfic, and third year in Bioware hell. I'd rather not.... do a 2016 review. Not much to review, really, besides getting a job tutoring kids and figuring out how to not go completely fucking bankrupt while preparing myself for the entertainment arts industry. Being caught between writing and arting is what makes everything difficult.

The one thing I should do is get aggressive about the world-building and get working on my future portfolio. Come on self, actually do the goddamn thing.

I need a new header.

Soon I'll learn enough CSS to understand exactly what I'm tinkering with when I replace it.

Listen. The way to lose me in 10 seconds or less is to fucking butcher characterization and plot and plot logic and fucking sense in order to serve a specific purpose. The way to lose me is to force a plot to behave in ways contrary to how the plot would and should logically proceed according to in-story logic just to serve an author's fucking purpose. The way to lose me in less than a fucking second is to use a fucking miscommunication trope to drive that fucking plot butchering forward.

aka give me one good fucking reason why I should play the Trespasser DLC with an Inquisitor/Dorian romance when in the end he fucking leaves you with a Skype crystal and flounces off to Tevinter to somehow force it to change. and it's not even that he leaves your Inquisitor behind. he doesn't fucking tell you so you have to find out from fucking Varric who assumed that you two had a fucking Talk about it.

which, if you're in a relationship of equals, YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO DO. you're supposed to talk about making changes to a relationship as fucking partners. it's not supposed to be one-sided. you shouldn't fucking blindside your fucking partner like this. heck, it's not even miscommunication it's NONCOMMUNICATION.

who wrote this crap. who approved this crap. who decided a romance with a gay MOC LI was going to end like this. Vivienne isn't even romanceable. what the actual fuck you goddamn fuck trucks.

usually I just write better fanon. but here's another option - burn everything to the fucking ground. I grew up on Korean dramas. I grew up on Korean movies. I grew up with a grandmother who knows Japanese and my mom's cousin who lost his parents to the Korean War. like. I'll give you fuckers some shit to read I really will. I sat through enough shit about the Korean War and the Japanese occupation and all the post-war political/spy thriller shit with North Korea I grew up with this shit I ain't afraid to kill main characters. I can lay some fucking waste if I fucking want.

but only if the story demands it. and the story says my Inquisitor can die and it'll serve the story well.
Waffling between "a thousand eyes staring back" and "promise me the stars" or some version of it for the actual title. Idk, maybe I'll just wait and see with where this fic ends up going. I'm already losing control of it so good thing I'm keeping this out of AO3 until the whole damn thing is finished. Already halfway through the fourth chapter, if you want to know how fucking fast this fic's spinning out of my head.

This is also where I really start dabbling into the altered story. Might go back to expand on this with the Tali chapter and get a lock on Shepard's psyche.

3. don't sign anything on illiumCollapse )
And this is the second chapter. Third chapter is either halfway done or two-thirds done, depending on how I approach the Samara and Thane recruitment assignments and introduce the Collector Ship mission from hell. p.s. these are not actual chapter titles but they help me figure out what the hell's going on so.

2. adapting on the fly at haestromCollapse )
(oh I need a Mass Effect icon shit)

I find the prose more beautiful than anything else because everything is short and sweet and ridiculous. This whole thing is ridiculous. It's just "that encounter on Horizon with your former Alliance squadmate? what happens if they still end up joining you in your quest to zoom to the center of the Milky Way to blow the shit out of the Collectors?" because I haven't played Mass Effect 3 yet.

This is also a draft. So. And also endgame mshenko but not tagging that (yet).

1. a series of bad decisionsCollapse )


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